1. Project : Ramkhamhaeng University Public Parking Lots

Location : Bangkok in Thailand
Capacity : 6 towers, 840 car parks
Solution : Cylindrical Aboveground Tower, Robotic parking TorPark
Needs : Make land revitalizing and beautification through reorganized parking lot operated by automated
               multilevel parking
2. Project : M5 building Parking Lot

Location : Hanoi in Vietnam
Capacity : 202 car parks
Solution : Combined Lift with Stacker Underground, Robotic parking TDL
Needs : Maximize space through automated multilevel parking in office and residential area
3. Project : Time avenue

Location : Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
Capacity : 139 car parks
Solution : Stacker with Rotator Underground, Robotic parking TDR Tower parking Above ground, elevator
                  typed pallet parking
Needs : Landmarked parking lot maximizing the space through automated multilevel parking for office, shops
               and luxurious hotel