The Simmatec Design guide is an all-inclusive package which allows architects and developers to integrate the Simmatec automated parking systems into their projects. Specific information includes:
    Smart guide for efficiency strategies to optimize our parking systems
    Smart guide for specific applications
    Maximum vehicle specifications for sedan and SUV parking slots
    General dimensions for system components for each system type
    Dimensional planning including: Site cad file is preferreble
           Single row
           Tandem rows
           Center aisle
           Entry/Exit planning
    Sectional and floor height specifications
    Efficient structural grid planning
    Chart for rough timing estimates

While the Design Guide provides information for planning purposes, please contact us or your territory Simmatec representative in order to receive the correct support and planning assistance. The Design Guide is for preliminary planning and final solutions can only be designed and approved by the Simmatec engineering team.

Send an email to describing your site information.