What is an automated parking?
Automated parking also known as Mechanical Parking is the process of storing and retrieving various size vehicles by utilizing machinery (such as robotic trolley, stacker, lift and shuttle) and electronic device and s/w which able to operate machinery. Facilities are installed as MLCP (Multi Level Car Park) is needed without parking ramps, driveways to save excavation and land cost to allocate more car parks.

How many vehicles can be stored in automatic parking lot?
Typically capacity by automated parking can be max triple compare to traditional parking's. The most important factor is site condition which may effect traffic flow after installation of automated parking. Other factor is to depend upon how many floors are designed into the specific structure and area. Our goal is exactly to cover maximum car parks considering traffic flow given site condition.

What are benefits people use an automated parking lot?
Virtually it eliminates vandalism, theft, weather damage, misplaced vehicles and a valet type experience when parking your vehicle. In light of social benefits, it enables the greenest parking available being in a low emission in the air.

What is cost to operate an automated parking lot?
This exactly varies on the quantity of vehicles stored and the number of levels, machinery numbers designed into the clients. There will be firefighting, ventilation, lightening requirements and so on requested by local regulation and municipalities. Our competitive thing is cost for underground traditional parking lot. Fix the necessary car parks numbers to follow demand of client group or legal regulation and then estimate cost of traditional parking and automated parking to be constructed. Our goal is primarily to make design to suit client group budget, and running cost of automated parking lot (power consumption and maintenance cost ) is relatively low.

How long does it take for the automated parking to retrieve a vehicle? i.e user's waiting time.
Users don't need to wait to park, they just put their vehicles. We are offering system design to minimize waiting time for vehicle retrieval time adjusting number of lift and auto gates. The time to retrieve a vehicle is dependent on its location in the parking lot, quantity of lifts designed into the system and which of the various entry/exit configurations that are used, some of which include a vehicle turning device system to rotate the vehicle 180 degrees prior to storage so the driver does not need to back up and turn when exiting parking lot. Generally we will design to evacuate all parked vehicles within 2 hours, and on average it will take 100 to 150 seconds to retrieve a vehicle if there is not client's special request.

How can they park and take out their vehicles in an automated parking lot?
There are several options for this. Each parking lot has operation device they can use to park and take it. Just touch identified your vehicle number or swipe parking card if building provide access card leader system.

How is the installation process?
It is obvious that client should do civil working. After that, we will dispatch our engineers (mechanical and electrical & s/w) as supervise the system installation. They control and process the installation together local works who have experienced mechanic and electrical job. (local workers should be hired by client account.) We will follow your construction plan and basically we have to discuss working schedule with them. During installation, our team train client local staff of them learn how to install system and relevant knowledge even though after installation.

What happens in case of system failure?
We have provide 3 types operation mode ; fully automated / semi automated / manual. System failure means it does not operate automatically, so the operator convert into manual mode and then he can pick up the vehicles.

What is typical after-sales service?
Our after sales service (such as maintenance & warranty) is as in the following ;

1. After completion (hand - over to client), we can provide on-site supporting for a specific period as per client request at compensation base.

2. A year Warranty service
We guarantee for replacement, rectification against any defects which are directly owing to defective materials, miscalculation and poor workmanship, but not includes faults owing to operator and drivers' mistake.
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